Application Development


As corporate houses look to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and economy of their IT operations, they are confronted with a major challenge.

Namely, a growing list of needs chasing a shrinking pool of talented resources in an already curtailed IT budget. Cost saving and return on investment being the prime drivers today for CIOs, maintaining a dedicated team of professionals is proving very expensive in today's environment.

ARWANO offers a cost-effective Development and Maintenance strategy through a judicious blend of our Onsite, Offsite and Offshore development approach. This approach offers a multi-site and multi-time zone based pool of specialized multi-skilled resources, which are organized and managed to meet the explicit business objectives of our clients. What's more, the 24 X 7 capability speeds up the deliveries. An added advantage is quick ramp up of teams in case emergencies and unforeseen contingencies crop up.

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